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What can you expect from us?

We deliver high standard leather, artificial leather and all accessoires from stock.
With over a hundred years of experience of our family business, we easily meet the ISO 9001 standard. Customers rate our company and our service with an average score of 8.5: We are proud of that!
98% of the stock items was sent on the day of ordering. 

About us
A century ago we started a wholesaler in the Langstraat, in the middle of shoe factories and tanneries. The range has since expanded considerably and now consists out of leather, artificial leather, technical textiles and accessories. Our products come together from all over the world in our warehouse in Waalwijk. From there you will receive fast and customized delivery. We distinguish ourselves by providing more service than you would expect. We do this from a tight organization, exclusive partnerships with top manufacturers and a dedicated team of product specialists.
More information? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are here for you.

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