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When you walk through our warehouse you will be overwhelmed. What it is big and above all a lot. Most aisles are filled to the top with bokken, on which the finest leather is waiting. Change countless colors exciting prints. The scent that is spread through the skins is phenomenal.

A few paths further we come to the artificial leather. It is also in this range so large that our warehouse is filled to the brim. Of nice smooth quality to robust artificial leather, which can handle weather, wind and red wine. For each application there is the right material.

Our haberdashery is stored in aisles full of shelving units. A candy store for anyone who works with leather. Thousands of articles of all shapes and sizes are neatly stacked to the ceiling. Our warehouse employees know their way around flawlessly, so that everything can be quickly collected and shipped after an order. Ordered today before 3 pm will be shipped today.

Fortunately, walking through our webshop is much easier. All our products have been given a showcase here. For us, the smallest snap is just as important as the most precious skin. Each item is chosen carefully. Our range consists of more than 1500 colors of leather and artificial leather and thousands of haberdashery. Everything is delivered from stock, so quickly.


Winkel van Wildeman
You can visit our store on appointment. You can find very nice fashion leather here for very competitive prices. Of course you will also find our haberdashery, yarn, tools and much more here. Come by too!


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